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Tungsten Stories reviews – Bulls Advantage 5.01 Dartboard

            Today we will be reviewing the Advantage 5.01 Dartboard from Bulls, first of all this Dartboard is one of the nicest looking dartboards we have EVER seen. It is the official dartboard of the WDF World Cup it has a unique feature with the BULLS Click fix Bracket making it…read more

Reviews – Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 dartboard! 

            Today we are reviewing the Eclipse HD2 dartboard from Unicorn Darts, the board retails for around £42, people keep asking me whats are the differences between this one and the Eclipse HD. Well here are a few of the new features/differences – NEW extra thin Bullseye, increasing the playing…read more

Darts Reviews: Bulls Stingray B5 ST2 22g

Today we are reviewing the Stingray-B5 ST2 steel tip darts from  Bulls–Darts These darts come in three different versions in two different weights, 22g and 24g, the darts are 90% tungsten they are 54.1mm in length and 7.0mm in diameter.   These darts have a long top heavy barrel with a fine ringed grip and…read more

Reviews: Home-Pro Dartboard Surround Lighting System

Today we are reviewing the Home-pro dartboard surround lighting system a fantastic piece of equipment which lights the whole of the dartboard with no shadows at all.   Although the surround is the same size as a standard surround, it comes with numerous features, including background lighting, that make it a top-notch product for your…read more

Darts Reviews: Phil Taylor 9Five Generation 2 (26g) from Target

Today we are reviewing the Phil Taylor 9FIVE generation 2 darts from Target.   The darts have been engineered with a quattro grip, goving you a comsistent grip position. The darts come with a pixel grip coated with Azzuri blue titanium nitride. The new barrel comes with a power titanium generation 2 shaft delivering a…read more

Darts Reviews: Red Dragon Swingfire (22g)

Today i will be reviewing the Swingfire darts from Red Dragon Darts, the barrels are 50.8mm in length and 6.35mm in depth so they are quite a slim dart with grip from just below the back of the barrel to just before the nose of the dart delivering an even weighted dart. They are 80%…read more

Darts Reviews: Winmau Stealth flights and shafts

Today i will be reviewing the Stealth flights and shaft system from Winmau, it is a very intelligent system in which the shaft goes through the flight and clicks into position providing safety in which the flight will never fall off the shaft and the flights are ultra tough and very durable. Also the tip…read more